And the winner is…Mr. Pierschbacher

IMG_3957The FFA held their annual kiss an animal contest during the National FFA week. Students put money in the jar of the teacher who they wanted to see kiss a goat IMG_3954IMG_3952. They raised $36.84 and the big winner was Mr. Cole Pierschbacher. Mr. Pierschbacher is a student teacher from Chariton. He is a student at Iowa State University majoring in Education, with an emphasis on American and World History and American Government. Cole had the opportunity to chose Beau Baughman to also kiss the goat. Thanks to everyone who donated, and a big thanks to Mr. Pierschbacher for being such a good sport and an awesome role model.

Super Saint

IMG_2278 Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.31.22 PMLucas Eiler is a 7th grader here at Mormon Trail. Lucas’s favorite thing about school is lunch and P.E. and his favorite food is orange chicken. His favorite thing to do is ride dirt bikes or fourwheelers, and if he could do anything he would ride dirt bikes with Austin Miner. Lucas looks up to his dad because he’s a very hard worker and is always there for him. His future plans are to grow, and become a major league baseball player.

Super Saint

IMG_3792 IMG_7768Cassy Casey is a Freshman at Mormon Trail, who is involved in, volleyball, choir, and class president. Her favorite food is sandwiches, and her favorite thing to do is watch Netflix and eat food. Cassy’s favorite movie is all the Harry Potter movies, and her favorite thing about school is getting to spend time with all of her friends. If she could do anything she would be famous so that “everyone knows that she is a loser.” When asked students one word to describe her they responded with: outgoing, blue, spunky, loud, creative, silly, sassy, nice, sweet, and loving.  

Super Saint Macey Brackin

Macey Brackin is the red-headed sophomore here at Mormon Trail, who says she hates everything except cats and theater. Macey is a very outgoing person, who has a huge love for cats. She is very passionate about the things that mean the most to her. Macey is an upbeat, generally happy person, who can never fail to make you smile.  Macey is involved in cheerleading, speech, softball, 4-H, and she is the sophomore class president. Macey’s favorite thing about school is seeing all her friends. Macey’s favorite food is beef stew and her favorite shows are Hannibal and Hemlock Grove. If she could do anything it would be to meet James Bay. Her favorite things to do are, eat, read, sing, hang out with all her friends, see plays and musicals, and she loves to act. Macey is participating in State Speech this weekend, Saturday Feb. 6th, so if you see her make sure to give her a “good luck!”IMG_1336 IMG_3765 IMG_3964

Super Saint

IMG_3204 IMG_8506Chelsea Peco Johnson is a very energized 7th grade student. If Chelsea could have anything in the world she would wish for money so that she could buy anything whenever she wants to. Her favorite sport to play is volleyball because she thinks it is fun. Since Chelsea loves sports; in her free time she enjoys playing basketball outside with her siblings. In facto her favorite sibling is Dakota because he doesn’t bother her as much. Chelsea also enjoys reading class at Mormon Trail and getting to be in Mrs. Porterfield’s class. Her favorite food is pizza. It’s Chelsea’s first year at the High School building and we are excited to welcome her here and see what the future has in store for her.

Featured Teacher

Ms. WrightIMG_1340Jennifer Wright (Ms. Wright) is the Junior high math and science teacher. She became a teacher because she wanted to inspire young lives and she likes being around kids. She also wants to help young people understand math. Ms.Wright is from Osceola, but she did attend Mormon Trail when she was in third grade up until 9th grade. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to be around the students and always having something to laugh or smile about. Ms. Wright also enjoys Mexican food. In Ms. Wright’s free time she likes to bicycle, walk, fish, golf, kayak, canoe, or do anything outside. We are excited to welcome yet another new teacher here, and are looking forward to spending time and learning more things about her this year.