I Am A Beetle

I Am A Beetle is a novel written by Dylan Jones. He is the High School English teacher at Mormon Trail, as well as the speech/drama coach and teacher. He majored in English at the University of Iowa, and is originally from DeKalb, Illinois.

He became inspired to write this book from a dream he had, where he was a beetle. Written in 2013 for national novel writing month, it took 2 months to write. It is to be the first book of a trilogy.  

It takes place in a society where there is a process called pre-incarnation. At birth there is a ceremony where the parents find out what species their child will be. They range from the falcons which are the most rare, down to the bottom of the ladder, the beetle. Alex is a beetle, or is he? Strange things start happening to him that can not be explained, with strange dreams and explosions. Then one of his teachers is murdered and his best friend disappears.

It is available at barnesandnobles.com and amazon.com for $16.95.img_1105

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Super Saint Atom!

Weeraphat Wongbunnak (Atom) is a foreign exchange student from Thailand. He is part of the sophomore class, and his favorite thing about school at Mormon Trail is his Art class because he likes sanding. “Sanding good, make it smooth,” he says. Atom’s favorite thing to do is play video games. His favorite food is M&M’s but it has to be the original ones. His three top fears are spiders, needles and heights.”Spiders are the most scariest things. Oh my gosh!” His favorite movie is Inception because it inspired him. His role model is Albert Einstein because he is a genius and has nice hair. In his future he wants to become a scientist and invent something to change the world. If he could do anything he would invent something to make your dreams come alive.IMG_8844 IMG_6293

And the winner is…Mr. Pierschbacher

IMG_3957The FFA held their annual kiss an animal contest during the National FFA week. Students put money in the jar of the teacher who they wanted to see kiss a goat IMG_3954IMG_3952. They raised $36.84 and the big winner was Mr. Cole Pierschbacher. Mr. Pierschbacher is a student teacher from Chariton. He is a student at Iowa State University majoring in Education, with an emphasis on American and World History and American Government. Cole had the opportunity to chose Beau Baughman to also kiss the goat. Thanks to everyone who donated, and a big thanks to Mr. Pierschbacher for being such a good sport and an awesome role model.