January 13, 2014 Minutes



January 13, 2014


President Lundahl called the regular meeting of the board of education to order at 7:03 in the elementary library.  Evans, Funk, Lundahl, Peasley and Smiarowski were present.  Superintendent Miller, Principal Hunt, Lovett, Willa Clark, Lori Lockwood and Brad Krutsinger were also in attendance.

Lundahl gave the floor to Mr. Krutsinger to address the board.  Krutsinger was representing the MTEA.  The MTEA would like to continue the open dialog form of negotiations for the 2014-2015 school year.  All parties felt this worked very well during the last negotiations.  The administration and MTEA will begin exchanging ideas.

Lundahl requested amending the agenda by adding D. 6: Approval of SIAC Committee members.  Peasley moved to approve the agenda as amended, minutes from the previous meeting and the open enrollment requests.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.

Following a brief discussion Funk moved to approve the bills of accounting and the financial report.  Smiarowski made the second.  All voted aye.

The board reviewed the 600 Series of board policy.  Evans moved to approve the second reading of the 600 series to include discussed changes.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.

Funk moved to approve the first reading of the 700, 800, 900 series of board policy.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Superintendent Miller asked the board for volunteers to interview the three qualified candidates for the Business Manager position.  Depending on scheduling Evans, Smiarowski, Peasley and Funk will participate in the interview process.  The contract for the position will be effective July 1, 2014.

Following discussion regarding the salary for the business manager position, Funk moved to offer $35,000 for the 250 day contract.  Smiarowski made the second.  All voted aye.

The board discussed possible interview dates and tentatively set January 21st at 6”00 PM.  Superintendent Miller will contact the candidates and inform the board of times.  The interviews will be held in closed session followed by an open session to take action on the hire.

The board discussed what would be an appropriate training period for the position.  No decision was reached.

Mr. Miller discussed revising the members of the SIAC Committee.  Evans moved to approve the following people to serve on the revised committee; Jaelah Funk, Jacob Horton, Amy Horton, Jaci Gunzenhauser, Sharon Kistler, Brad Krutsinger, Jan Lundahl, Bill Slagg, Becky Stripe, Stan Lovett and Nancy Gunzenhauser.  Smiarowski made the second.  All voted aye.

Mr. Snyder was absent but had submitted written reports.  The athletic report included the following basketball makeup dates.

  • 01/14     Seymour              JH           Home 3:45
  •  01/17    Diagonal               JH           Home 3:45
  • 01/18     Lamoni                 V             Away 6:00
  • 02/06     Iowa Christian   V             Home 6:00

Principal Hunt reported the following activities.

  • FFA students dressed the poultry they raised.
  • Student Council raised $279 for the Angel Tree.
  • Teachers attended all day PD with MISIC learning about Google chrome applications.
  • Map testing will be given at the end of the month and the start of February.
  • Senior financial meeting was given in the ICN room.
  • We are closer to handing out chrome books we need to install our infrastructure.
  • Installations of the new chairlifts and a new water fountain are being completed.

Mr. Miller complimented teachers and students for staying on task during the power outage on Friday.

Mr. Miller handed out guidance on instructional hours vs. school days for the board to review.

Smiarowski moved to adjourn the meeting.  Evans made the second.  All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be February 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary library.

President Lundahl adjourned the meeting at 8:22 p.m.