April 16, 2021 Special Board Minutes

Mormon Trail Community School District

 Special Board Meeting

April 16, 2021

Location: Zoom Only


Special Board Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Evans at 3:00 PM.

Roll Call

Board Members: Pat Evans, Marc Smiarowski, Jeremy Cromer 

Absent Board Members: Stephanie Bear, Elizabeth Dachenbach

Superintendent, Kerry Phillips

Agenda Approval

  1. The agenda was approved with a motion by Smiarowski and the second by Cromer. Motion passed with all present voting aye. 

Action Items

  1. Motion was made by Smiarowski to purchase Ford Fusion from Fesler Auto Mall for $18,990.00. Second made by Comer. Motion passes with all present voting aye.


Smiarowski made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:15 PM and seconded by Cromer. Motion passed with all present voting aye. 

Next Regular Meeting

May 10, 2021| 6:30 PM, Garden Grove – District Office 

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President, Board of Education Secretary, Board of Education Date

These minutes are written as recorded by the Board Secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting. Stephanie Parmer, Board Secretary/ Treasurer