August 11, 2014 Minutes



August 11, 2014


President Lundahl called the regular meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. in the Elementary Library. Peasley,

Funk, Smiarowski, and Lundahl were present. Evans was absent. Also present were Superintendent

Miller, Principals Snyder and Hunt, Secretary Rash, Willa Clark, and new teachers Steven Neilssen,

Denise Becker, Gloria Rumley, and Sara Bethards.

Superintendent Miller welcomed the new teachers to Mormon Trail CSD adding he was looking forward

to working with them this coming year.

Peasley moved to approve the consent agenda that included the minutes from the previous meeting,

the resignations of Joseph Parmer as Assistant HS Varsity Football coach and Michiko Fogle, Para

Educator at Garden Grove. A correction to the 2014-15 Calendar was also included. The second came

from Smiarowski. All voted aye.

Peasley moved to approve the bills of accounting for August. Funk made the second. All voted aye.

Smiarowski made a motion to offer contracts for extra duty assignments to the following:

Instrumental Music & Vocal Music, Steven Neilssen; Varsity Baseball, Brad Krutsinger; Varsity Softball,

Josh Stiles; Asst Varsity Softball, Amy Horton; HS Boys & Girls Golf, Steve Hunt; HS Boys & Girls Track,

Robert Thatcher; Yearbook, Robert Thatcher; Speech Contest, Lee Jass; Newspaper & Website, Robert

Thatcher; Drama, Lee Jass; HS Student Council, Adam Hysell; Freshman Class Sponsors, Adam Hysell &

Karey Palmer; Sophomore Class Sponsors, Brad Krutsinger & Stacie Porterfield; Junior Class Sponsors,

Scott Roberts, Lee Jass, & Jeff McCombs; Senior Class Sponsors, Robert Thatcher & Beverly Nordyke;

FCCLA, Bridgette Stark; National Honor Society, Robert Thatcher; Academic Bowl Advisor, Beverly

Nordyke; Asst Drama, Robert Thatcher; JH Boys & Girls track, Mike Snyder; 7th

Stark; and 8th

Funk moved to approve Sam Moore as the Assistant HS Varsity Football coach. The motion was

seconded by Smiarowski. All voted aye.

After a brief discussion concerning Insurance deductibles, a motion was made by Smiarowski to keep

the property insurance deductible at $0/$250 and change the vehicle deductible to $0/$100. Peasley

seconded the motion. All present voted aye.

Peasley moved to approve the Waiver for Spanish I, II, III, & IV. The courses will be available through

Iowa Learning Online. Miller has received an email stating we were approved but not officially

confirmed. This is a great opportunity for our school and will be a short term solution for this hard to fill

position. Funk made the second. All voted aye.

Grade Sponsor, Bridgette

Grade Sponsor, Mona Baker. Peasley seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Funk moved to approve a one-year transportation contract with Durham School Services. Smiarowski

made the second. All voted aye.

Funk made a motion to approve the purchase of 40 Chrome Books that will replace some of the older

MACS in the Elementary Computer Lab. Additional discussion will be needed to decide how to best

utilize and implement them into our program. Peasley made the second. All voted aye.

Smiarowski moved to approve contracts to Phillips’ Floors for rubber flooring around the remainder

of the Humeston Gym; to Doors Incorporated for installation of the exterior door of the Kindergarten

room; and to Miller’s Construction to connect the buildings at Garden Grove, for upgrades to the Crow’s

Nest/Concession Stand in Humeston, and to replace windows in the Family and Consumer Science room

at Garden Grove. Peasley made the second. All voted aye.

Administrative reports were given by Principals Snyder and Hunt. Superintendent Miller briefly informed

the Board our Fire Inspection had gone well with only minor issues to correct. He updated the group on

the progress of the Humeston property purchase and ended by inviting the Board to a breakfast Monday

morning that will kick off a two-day Teacher In-service. The ins-service will officially begin the 2014-15

school year.

Smiarowski moved to adjourn the meeting. Peasley made the second. All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be September 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Elementary Library.

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