August 31, 2020 Special Meeting



August 31, 2020    

Board President Evans called the special meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 6:11 pm via a ZOOM electronic meeting. Answering roll call via ZOOM were board members Dachenbach, Bear, Cromer, Smiarowski and Evans. Board Secretary Peggy Rash, Principal Stripe and Superintendent Phillips were also present via ZOOM. 53 guests in total signed on via ZOOM.

No one spoke during the Public Forum.

The agenda was approved with a motion by Cromer and a second from Dachenbach. Dachenbach, Bear, Cromer, Smiarowski and Evans voted aye to approve.

The only action item was District action in response to Covid situation. Superintendent Phillips reported the District has an active case in the JH/HS building. Public Health has recommended full mask use at the Jr High/High School. Phillips also reported he had purchased 1200 masks over the weekend for use in the District. Principal Stripe, Nurse Hoyt and Superintendent Phillips addressed students at an assembly Aug 31st.

After much discussion, Cromer made a motion to mandate the use of masks when social distancing is not possible. School-wide, PK-12, students and staff will be required to wear approved face masks, shields or face coverings in all common areas of the facilities where social distancing is not possible. Masks may only be removed with permission and guidance of teachers. Dachenbach seconded the motion followed by the following vote. Elizabeth Dachenbach-aye; Stephanie Bear-aye; Marc Smiarowski-nay; Jeremy Cromer-aye; and Pat Evans-aye. Motion passes.

Mr Phillips will contact the District’s legal counsel in regard to information about a possible mask

mandate on school grounds/buses/athletic facilities.

Smiarowski motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cromer seconded followed by ayes from Dachenbach, Bear, Cromer, Smiarowski and Evans.

President Evans closed the meeting at 7:21 p.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held Wednesday, September 16, 2020 @ 6:30 pm in the Elementary Commons in Humeston and/or via ZOOM.

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These minutes are written as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer