February 13, 2019 Special Board Minutes

Mormon Trail Community School District

Special Meeting

February 13, 2019

The Mormon Trail School Board met in special session February 13, 2019 in the Humeston District Office. 

President Smiarowski called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m. Peasley, Funk, Cromer and Evans answered roll call via telephone. Smiarowski was present in person. Superintendent Phillips and Secretary Rash were also in attendance. One guest, Christine Auxier was also present.

Evans made a motion to approve the short agenda with Funk seconding. All voted aye to approve.

Under action items, bills were approved with a motion by Evans and a second by Cromer. All voted aye in favor.

The amended calendar with weather related make-up days was approved with a motion by Cromer and a second by Funk. “The original calendar was approved with 1117.8 hrs. 1080 are required for the 180 days of school scheduled. Converting to minutes, the District missed a total of 2982 minutes in weather related late starts/early outs and cancelled days. This leaves 1032 minutes to make up. The plan beginning February 18th will add 30 minutes to each day. This will result in school starting 10 minutes early (8:10) and ending 20 minutes later (3:40). Originally scheduled as “no-school” days the following will now be school attendance days. March 20,21,22, April 22, and May 24. This plan also includes 2 additional days that may be missed.” 

Cromer made the motion to adjourn followed by a second from Funk. All present voted aye in favor of adjournment.

President Smiarowski closed the meeting at 7:40 pm.

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President, Board of Education Secretary, Board of Education


These minutes are written as recorded by Superintendent Kerry Phillips and are subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer