February 19, 2020 Minutes



February 19, 2020    

President Evans called the regular meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 6:34 p.m. in the Garden Grove Board Office. Answering roll call were board members Dachenbach, Smiarowski and Evans. Cromer entered the meeting at 6:37pm and Bear entered at 7:43 pm. Superintendent Kerry Phillips, Principal Becky Stripe and Board Secretary Peggy Rash were also present. Linda Horton from the Humeston New Era was also in attendance. Guests signing in were Christian Hilton, Claudia Brown, Kara Hilton, Pam Woollis, Kim Hayes and Mona Baker.

During Public forum, Mona Baker spoke to the Board about starting up a Big Brother Big Sister program. Superintendent Phillip told Baker Board approval is not necessary for her to do that.

Claudia Brown, Pam Woollis, Kim Hayes and Chris Hilton were up next to speak during the public forum. The group talked to the Board as part of an ESSA group. ESSA is an acronym for Every Student Succeeds Act. The group went over assessments and explained the District’s proficiency score. 64% of our students are reaching their expected goals. The state wants 80%. The state average is 69% proficiency. The group explained some reasons the District’s score might be lower than we’d like. One such reason is that our reading curriculum is out of date. The group would like the Board to look into changing to a new reading curriculum. The Board took no action. Mr Phillips told the group and the Board that changing would require public input before the Board could take any action.

The agenda was approved with a motion by Smiarowski followed by a second from Dachenbach. All present voted aye to approve.

The consent agenda which included the previous meeting minutes, along with open enrollment requests that meet requirements, was approved with a motion by Cromer and a second by Smiarowski. All present voted aye. There were three new open enrollment requests out of the District. None into the District.

There was no resignation brought to the Board.

The following Spring and Summer sport contracts were approved:

Boys High School golf/Cale Moore and Girls High School golf/Cassie Moore – motion by Bear, second from Dachenbach followed by ayes from all present. Contracts will be issued contingent on licenses being current.

JH Boys and Girls Track/Robert Thatcher, HS Boys and Girls Track co-coaches/ Leslie Bexten and Elizabeth Vanderflught – motion by Cromer, second from Dachenbach followed by ayes from all present. Contracts will be issued contingent on licenses being current.

Head Softball/Cassie Moore and head Baseball/Jason Newton – motion by Smiarowski, second by Dachenbach to approve pending up to date licenses. All present voted aye to approve.

A bid for a new convection oven from Kohl’s ($7257.35) was approved with a motion by Bear and a second from Cromer. All present voted aye. Central Restaurant Products also submitted bids ranging from $7407-$7935.30.

The Board agreed to renew a postage lease with Pitney Bowes. The current lease will expire soon and Pitney Bowes has offered an upgraded postage machine for a similar cost. Smiarowski made the motion to approve, Cromer seconded, and all present voted aye to approve the motion.

Shared contracts were up next for discussion. Currently the District shares technology with both Green Hills AEA and also with Seymour CSD. In a motion by Smiarowski, followed by a second from Dachenbach, the Board voted to discontinue the arrangement with Green Hills AEA for next year and to continue sharing with Seymour CSD. The motion was approved with a vote of all ayes from those present.

The Board would like Mr Phillips and Mrs Stripe to visit with Wayne CSD about the sharing arrangement for TAG teacher for fiscal year 2020-21 With a motion by Cromer, a second from Dachenbach followed by ayes from all present the matter was tabled and will be revisited at the March meeting.

Smiarowski motioned to approve the bills and financials, but only after holding payment to Grand River Mutual for replacing the phone system at both Humeston and Garden Grove. Cromer seconded followed by all ayes.

Principal Stripe and Superintendent Phillips briefly updated the Board on what was happening in the District. Secretary Rash reported she had received the Health Insurance renewal for 2020-21. Costs are expected to stay the same for Dental but Health insurance will see an increase of around 8.25%. The vision plan benefits will be changed by the plan administrators somewhat and will see an increase also.

Smiarowski motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cromer seconded followed by ayes from all present.

Evans closed the meeting at 8:48 pm.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held Wednesday, March 11, 2020 @ 6:30 pm in the District Office in Garden Grove.

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These minutes are written as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer