January 21, 2013 Minutes



January 21, 2013


Vice-President Pat Evans called the regular meeting of the board of education to order at 7:02 p.m. in the elementary library.  Evans, Funk, Horton, and Peasley answered roll call.  Also present were Superintendent Miller, Principal Hunt, Principal Snyder, Lovett , Willa Clark and MTEA representative Brad Krutsinger.  Members of the senior class, senior parents and class sponsors were also present.

Evans turned the floor over to Mr. Krutsinger.  Krutsinger was present to inform the board of the Mormon Trail Education Association’s intent to bargain.  The association proposed face to face negotiations prior to opening proposals.  The board agreed to this arrangement.  Mr. Miller and Mr. Krutsinger will set a date for the first meeting as soon as possible.

Evans asked for the representative from the senior class to inform the board of their proposed senior trip plans.  Cassie Moore spoke for the group.  They are planning their trip to the Wisconsin Dells.  They will be staying at the Kalahari Resorts for three nights.  The total estimated cost of the trip is $4,308.  Ten or eleven students are planning on participating.  Mr. Miller praised the group’s presentation.  Evans thanked students, parents and sponsors for attending.

Superintendent Miller recommended amending the agenda by striking action item D.7 Employee Time Reporting.  Funk moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Peasely made the second.  All voted aye

Peasley moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Horton made the second.

The board was informed the district has received an open enrollment out request for a student who has moved into the district but will be attending Central Decatur.  The district has also received open enrollment out requests for two students who will start kindergarten next fall.

Superintendent Miller reviewed the financial report.  Horton moved to approve the financial report and the bills of accounting.  Second by Peasley.  All voted aye.

Mr. Hunt and Mr. Miller recommended offering contracts to Lee Jass and Sharon Day to direct the all school play, and one to Robert Thatcher for scenery assistant.  Horton moved to approve the contracts.  Peasley made the second.  All vote aye.

Mr. Miller has not been able to locate a van to purchase.  His recommendation is to purchase a vehicle at auction.  He asked to board to approve a dollar limit on such a purchase.  Following discussion Peasely moved to approve up to $15,000 for the purchase at auction.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.

The board discussed options of disposal of the refrigerator from the elementary kitchen.  Superintendent Miller said it would take $600 or more for parts plus labor to repair the unit.  His recommendation is to sell the refrigerator as is.  Funk moved to advertise and accept sealed bids for the refrigerator.  Horton made the second.  All voted aye.

The following coaching assignments were presented for approval:

  • Varsity Track, Robert Thatcher
  • Junior High Track, Mike Snyder
  • Golf, Steve Hunt
  • Baseball, Brad Krutsinger
  • Softball, Josh Stiles.

Amy Horton submitted a letter volunteering to assist with softball.  Funk moved to approve all positions.  Second by Peasley.  All voted aye.

Principal Snyder reported the following:

  • The next elementary assembly will be February 7th at 10:15 a.m.
  • Iowa testing will begin February 4th.
  • Students will be released at 12:30 p.m. on February 8th for teacher professional development.
  • The 21st Century Learning Center after school program is underway.  50 elementary students are participating.  Julie Griffith is the coordinator for the program.

Principal Hunt reported the following:

  • Central Trail FFA students attended the Denver stock show.
  • Student council members raised $129 for the food pantry.
  • Map testing will be the end of the month and the start of      February.
  • 25 students had perfect attendance for the 2nd      quarter.
  • 12 students had perfect attendance for the 1st      semester.
  • A honor roll 1st semester – 12 students, B      honor roll 1st semester-20 students.
  • Dallas Schuman, Ariaus Fraker, Joel Funk received All      Academic awards for football.
  • Friday the Iowa Pride academy will do a workshop on making      good choices and being an effective leader.  Junior High students will also cover bullying.

Superintendent Miller reported he has been hearing good things about the afterschool program.  He says he is seeing great things happening in the buildings at all levels.  Mr. Miller talked briefly about the current legislative session.

Horton moved to adjourn the meeting.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be February 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary library.

Vice-President Evans adjourned the meeting at 9:07 p.m.