January 7, 2019 Minutes



January 7, 2019    

President Smiarowski called the regular meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 7:04 p.m. in the Humeston Elementary Library. Answering roll call were board members Peasley, Cromer, Evans, Funk and Smiarowski. Superintendent Kerry Phillips, Elementary/High School Principal Becky Stripe and Board Secretary Peggy Rash were present. Linda Horton from the Humeston New Era was also in attendance. Guests signing in were Seniors Mikayla Anderson, Cassy Casey, and Lilly Starkes.

The agenda was approved with a motion by Funk and a second by Cromer. All present voted aye to approve.

The consent agenda, consisting of previous board minutes was approved with a motion by Cromer and a second by Peasley. There were no new open enrollment requests either into or out of the District. All present voted aye to approve.

First up, under action items, Belinda Adkins was approved as van route driver. Ms Adkins will drive students from Mormon Trail CSD, stopping by Murray CSD to pick up a student, and on to Winterset Schools. The daily route will reverse in the p.m. The motion approves daily pay at $75 for both the a.m. and p.m. route. The van will return to Mormon Trail between the a.m. and p.m. routes daily. With a motion by Evans, the second by Funk, followed by ayes from all present, the motion passes. 

There were no resignations.

Seniors Mikayla Anderson, Cassy Casey, and Lilly Starkes spoke to the Board about fundraising the Senior class would like to do to increase the funds available for the Senior trip. Cromer made a motion to approve fundraisers for the Senior class with Casey’s and Krispy Kreme. Peasley seconded followed by ayes from all present.

Funk made the motion followed by a second from Evans to approve Advantage Administrators as administrators for the District’s Section 125 Plan. All present voted aye. Motion passes. Section 125 Plans allow the District to process certain employee medical payments as pre-tax which decreases the amount of taxes owed. IPERS also requires an approved administrator in order for that portion of the employee’s wages to be IPERS covered. 

Superintendent Phillips explained his progress on the review and revision of Board Policies. He has gone over Policy series 100, 200, 300 and part of 400. Motion to table any action on the Policies was made by Funk. Cromer seconded followed by all aye votes from Evans, Cromer, Peasley, Funk and Smiarowski.

A transportation agreement between Mormon Trail CSD and Murray CSD was approved. Secretary Rash was instructed to bill Murray CSD for ½ the actual costs with a motion by Evans, a second by Funk, followed by all aye votes to approve.

Cromer made a motion to approve the bills and financials. BMO, and some additional Nutrition and Activity bills have not been received as of the day of the meeting. The Board instructed the Business Office to go ahead and pay these bills when they come in and have Superintendent Phillips approve them. Funk seconded followed by ayes from Evans, Cromer, Peasley, Smiarowski and Funk. Motion carries. 

Principal Stripe reported to the Board on ESSA. ESSA stands for Every Student Succeeds Act and is used in all Iowa Public School Districts to monitor student achievement.

An update on the sharing arrangement with Moravia for processing the District’s General Fund and SAVE Fund bills was given. The Board would like to add the Activity Fund and Nutrition Fund bill processing in the near future.   

Cromer motioned to adjourn the meeting. Funk seconded followed by all ayes in agreement. Smiarowski closed the meeting at 8:28 pm.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held February 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm in the Elementary Library.

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These minutes are written as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer