July 29 Special Board Meeting

Mormon Trail Community School District

Special Meeting

July 29, 2016

The Mormon Trail School Board met in special session on July 29, 2016 in the office of the District’s Board Secretary to discuss and approve Fall/Winter coaching contracts. President Smiarowski called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m. Smiarowski, Lundahl and Evans answered roll call via cell phone. Board members Funk and Peasley were not present. Secretary Rash was also in attendance. After a brief discussion, Evans made a motion to accept the recommendations of Athletic Director, Mike Snyder to offer 2016-17 Fall/Winter coaching contracts to the following:

HS Football Coach Travis Johnson

Asst Coach Sam Moore

JH Football Coach Bill Hoover

HS Volleyball Coach Josh Stiles

Assistant Coach Amy Horton

JH Volleyball Coach Amy Horton

HS Girls Var BB Coach James Parmer

Assistant Coach Ashley Parmer

JH Girls BB Coach Ashley Parmer

HS Boys Var BB Coach Aaron Parmer

Assistant Coach Joseph Parmer

JH Boys BB Coach Bill Hoover

Lundahl seconded the motion. The following roll call vote was taken. Evans aye, Lundahl aye and Smiarowski aye. With a vote of three ayes and 2 directors not present and not voting motion carries. Lundahl made a motion to adjourn with Evans seconding. All present voted aye. Smiarowski closed the meeting at 1: p.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held July 11th @ 7:30 pm in the Humeston Elementary Library.

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