June 13 Board Minutes



June 13, 2016

President Smiarowski called the regular meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Humeston Elementary Library. Answering roll call were board members Funk, Peasley, Smiarowski Evans and Lundahl. Superintendent Lorna Paxson and Board Secretary Peggy Rash were also in attendance.


Funk made a motion to approve the agenda after amending to remove item 8 and adding 2017-18 to item 5. Peasley seconded the motion to approve with all present voting aye. Motion carried.


Funk moved to approve the consent agenda which included approval of previous meeting minutes and open enrollment in/out requests that meet requirements. Evans seconded with all voting aye.


After reviewing the month’s financial reports, Lundahl made a motion to approve. Peasley seconded with all present voting aye.


Following a brief discussion about the bills presented for payment, Lundahl motioned to approve the June bills for payment. Funk seconded with all present voting aye.


Lundahl made a motion to approve the payment of additional bills for items received and invoiced on or before June 30. Also, for a second June payroll to be paid for all hours worked through June 30. June 30 marks the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year. Evans seconded the motion. All voted aye.


Lundahl made a motion to approve the final reading of Board Policies No. 905.1; 905.1R1; 905.1E1 and 905.1E2. The policies are related to the use of District facilities. Peasley seconded. All present voted aye. Motion carried.


Lundahl made a motion to approve the 2-year 2016-17, 2017-18 Master contracts. Evans seconded and all present voted aye. An increase of 3.3% per year was approved.


Evans made a motion to approve payment of up to 2 days @ $25 per day for certified employee’s unused personal days. Peasley seconded. All voted aye.


Lundahl made a motion to hire Cassie Moore as assistant softball coach for the remainder of the current season. The contract offered will be for $1000. Evans seconded with all present voting aye. A Baseball assistant coaching position was not filled as there were no applications received.


Item 8 was removed.


Superintendent Paxson presented the Board with an estimate for trimming, treating and removing more than two dozen ash and other trees and bushes at the Humeston and Garden Grove facilities. After discussion, the Board decided to let the majority of the ash trees go untreated and let nature take its course. Treating for the emerald ash borer would be very expensive if all the ash trees on both properties were treated as recommended. Lundahl made a motion to approve the trimming and initial treatment of two ash trees in front of the Garden Grove School at a cost of $780 and the removal of a dead oak tree also at Garden Grove at a cost of $710. Funk seconded with all voting aye. Paxson was given the approval to schedule the work. Blakely Tree Service, Osceola will provide the services.

Lundahl made a motion to accept the lone propane bid received from Agriland FS. Agriland will provide propane to the district from July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017 at a cost of $.799/gallon. Funk seconded with all present voting aye.


Superintendent Paxson made the following recommendations to the Board for Teacher Leadership positions.:

Data Teachers

Christian Hilton

Stacie Porterfield

TLC teachers & Lead Teachers

Brad Krutsinger

Becky Stripe

Mona Baker

Claudia Brown

Mentor Teachers

Crystal Boggs

Adam Hysell

Scott Roberts

Model Teachers

Kim Hayes

Pam Woollis

Adam Hysell

Scott Roberts


Evans made a motion to accept Paxson’s recommendations with Lundahl seconding. All present voted aye.

Superintendent Paxson informed the Board of upcoming changes to the Iowa Learning Online Program offered by the State. The program helps smaller school districts provide instruction for classes with hard to fill positions. Currently, Mormon Trail uses the program for its Spanish offerings. The Program has previously been provided at no cost to the District. However, next year there will be a $250 per student /per semester cost. Evans made the motion to continue to participate in the program with Funk seconding. All voted aye.


Administrative reports were given by Superintendent Paxson. Paxson reported that certified teachers had taken Alice training. The training teaches awareness of ways to make the school a safer environment. She also reported that applications had been filed for the e-rate program. The e-rate program is a federally funded source of revenue designed to help smaller schools and libraries meet their technology needs. Currently, e-rate funds a portion of the District’s phone and internet bills. New next year is funding for internet infrastructure and technology consulting. The District is hopeful to qualify for this new funding.


Funk motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Peasley seconded with all voting in favor of adjournment. Smiarowski closed the meeting at 8:23 pm.


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held July 11th 2016 @ 7:30 p.m. in the Elementary Library.




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These minutes are written as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer