March 11, 2013 Minutes




March 11, 2013


President Lundahl called the regular meeting of the board of education to order at 7:09 p.m. in the elementary library.  Evans, Funk, Horton, Lundahl and Peasley answered roll call.  Superintendent Miller, Principal Hunt, Lovett and Willa Clark were also in attendance.

Superintendent Miller requested changing Item 2 under D. Action items by adding Baker Group Proposal.  Horton moved to approve the agenda as amended and the minutes from the previous meeting.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye

Following a brief discussion Horton moved to approve the bills of accounting and financial reports.  Funk provided the second.  All voted aye.

The board discussed the fire and security monitoring services in both buildings.  Mr. Miller has tried repeatedly to get an updated proposal from TYCO, the current provider, with no results.  It is his recommendation to accept the proposal from the Baker Group to provide the fire and security monitoring for both buildings.  The change will result in substantial savings to the district.  In addition he will contact Baker Group regarding their proposal for yearly fire alarm inspection.  Evans moved to end service from TYCO and accept the proposal from the Baker Group as recommended.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.  A discussion regarding the fire alarm inspection will be made at a later date.

The board received three bids submitted to provide mowing for the 2013 mowing season.  Following review of the bids, Evans moved to approve the low bid submitted by Tim Myers.  His bid came in at $175 per mowing.  Each mowing includes both locations.  Funk made the second to the motion.  All voted aye.

Horton moved to approve the change in the school calendar to makeup the five days missed due to weather.  The days to be added for student attendance are March 20, April 1, April 29, May 23 and May 24th.  Teachers will return on May 28.  Second by Peasley.  All voted aye.

The board received a resignation from Cheryl Paugh as FCS and Health instructor.  Cheryl began her position as Family Consumer Science instructor in 1987.  Horton regretfully moved to accept the resignation effective at the conclusion of the current school year.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.  The board expressed their gratitude for all Mrs. Paugh has done for students of the district in and out of the classroom.

Mr. Miller discussed the 2014 proposed budget.  The overall property tax will be lowered to 15.03751 down from 16.48929 per 1000.  The decrease is due in part from increased property valuations and the budget guarantee.  Following discussion, Evans moved to approve the proposed 2014 budget for publication.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.  The public hearing will be held April 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary library.

Superintendent Miller has been unable to locate a vehicle at the price previously set by the board.  Evans moved to allow up to $20,000 for purchase of a van or suburban for the district.  The second was made by Peasley.  All voted aye.

Principal Snyder was unable to attend the meeting, but submitted reports for the elementary and athletics.

Principal Hunt highlighted the following from his written report.

  • 8th Grade attended career day at SWICC,  the boys’ basketball team attended state tournament play and the JH Honor Choir traveled to Grimes for a concert.
  • FFA raised $75 during FFA week, with Mrs. Peasley winning the Kiss the Pig Contest.  Proceeds went to Mr. Thatcher for his mission trip to Malawi.
  • The winter athletic banquet was held March7, the Valentines dance was held with Cassandra Moore chosen Queen and Derek Head as King.
  • The band will attend the Bluegrass Conference band on Monday at Twin Cedars.7-12 students earned over $1,200 For Mr. Thatcher’s mission trip.

Mr. Miller reported he sees students engaged in classes, positive behavior from students and a good school climate in both buildings.

Horton moved to adjourn the regular meeting.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be April 8, 2013 following the Budget Hearing at 7:00 p.m.

President Lundahl adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

The board entered exempt session to discuss bargaining strategies.