November 11, 2019 Minutes

Mormon Trail Community School

Regular Meeting

November 11, 2019

President Smiarowski called the regular meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 7:02 p.m. in the Garden Grove Superintendent’s Office. Answering roll call were board members Peasley, Cromer, Smiarowski and Evans. Funk joined the Board at 7:10 pm. Superintendent Kerry Phillips, Principal Becky Stripe and Board Secretary Peggy Rash were also present. Linda Horton was also in attendance. Those signing into the meeting were Claudia Brown, Stephanie Bear, Kimberly Hayes, Gloria Rumley, Gary Stripe, Pam Woollis, Kara Hilton and Christian Hilton.

Gary Stripe. Rural Garden Grove resident was present to briefly make a few comments to the Board during the Public Forum portion of the agenda. Stripe wanted to make two comments. He ask the Board to ask themselves: 1. Are we offering our students equal academic opportunities as surrounding districts? 2. Have we done everything possible to provide a safe environment for all of our students?

Cromer motioned to approve the agenda removing item #7, snow removal bids. Peasley seconded followed by ayes from Smiarowski, Cromer, Peasley, Evans and Funk.

The consent agenda, consisting of the approval of the previous meetings’ minutes was approved with a motion by Evans, a second from Cromer, and ayes from Smiarowski, Cromer, Peasley, Evans and Funk. Notification had also been received that a student formerly open enrolled out of the District was transferring to another school.

There were no resignations.

There were no new contracts issued.

With a motion by Evans, a second from Peasley followed by all ayes, Robert Thatcher was approved to receive JH football coach’s pay of $1750 for driving the boys to Wayne during the football season.

President Smiarowski motioned to bring to the table the election for Green Hills AEA Board of Directors. Raymond Storm was the only candidate for Director District Number 1. A roll call vote was taken with the following votes being heard. Evans, yes; Cromer, yes; Peasley, yes; Funk, yes and Smiarowski, yes. Cromer seconded. Raymond Storm will receive Mormon Trail’s 6.01% of the percentage vote for Green Hills AEA Board of Director’s District Number 1.

Cromer motioned to allow Superintendent Phillips permission to work with Jason Newton, baseball coach, to resurface the softball/baseball field in Humeston. Phillips will be allowed to spend up to $6000 without further Board approval. Funk seconded followed by all aye votes. Newton had written the Board concerning some issues that needed addressed. The resurfacing of the ball field was a major concern along with mowing the ball fields.   

The SBRC application for Open Enrollment Out not in Fall 2018 will be certified without an amount due to the Department of Education having problems with a new enrollment program. Once all enrollment calculations for the State are completed Districts will certify again in December with the specific amount. The SBRC application is due December 1st.

With a motion by Cromer and a second by Funk, the Board agreed to continue the agreement for another year with Hy-Vee Distribution Center in Chariton for the use of their truck wash facility at $35 per wash. Each bus driver will be responsible for washing their bus up to 9 times throughout the year. Aye votes were heard from Funk, Cromer, Evans and Smiarowski. Peasley abstained.

Next, the Board followed up on a discussion by Chase Clark, shared technology coordinator, tabled in October; about a new phone system for the District Clark is looking into. The current system is old and outdated. Repairs to the system, if needed, would be costly as the technology has become obsolete. Grand River Mutual would install the new system that would link Garden Grove and Humeston together, eliminating long distance charges between the two facilities. It would be a movable system, meaning someone could move locations inside the buildings or even from building to building and keep the same extension number. Windstream would remain the service provider. The project would use PPEL funds to finance the new system’s installation. Cost was projected to be under $25,000 for the total project. Phone services and long distance charges are no longer covered by the e-rate program; however, there should be an immediate cost benefit to the District. Cromer motioned to approve an expenditure of $24,999 for Clark to move ahead with getting the new system installed as soon as possible. Funk seconded followed by ayes from Smiarowski, Cromer, Peasley, Evans and Funk.

Following general discussion, bills and financials were approved with a motion by Funk and a second by Cromer. Smiarowski, Cromer, Peasley, Evans and Funk voted aye to pass the motion.

Principal Stripe gave a brief report to the Board. Topics included:

Attendance monitoring by the school nurse

The Veterans Program was well attended by the community and the kids did a great job with the program

Conferences will be held later in the week

Rash explained the Budget Guarantee calculation to the Board.

Superintendent Phillips discussed his participation in the Housing 360 program recently held in Corydon. Paul Gunzenhauser from Humeston had also attended. The Program promotes the building of housing in Wayne County to meet the needs of potential residents due to the East Penn Mfg expansion.

Cromer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Funk seconded. All voted in agreement with votes of aye. President Smiarowski closed the meeting at 8:39 pm.

The next meeting of the Mormon Trail Board will be held December 9, 2019 at 7 pm.

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These minutes are written as recorded by the Board Secretary and are subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary/Treasurer