October 28, 2013 Minutes





October 28, 2013


President Lundahl called the regular meeting of the board of education to order at 7:30 p.m. in the elementary library.  Lundahl, Peasley and Smiarowski answered roll call.  Evans and Funk were absent.  Superintendent Miller, Principal Snyder, Lovett, Willa Clark and Stephanie Mendenhall were also present.

Ms. Mendenhall was present to review the district’s 2013 Audit Report.  General Fund expenditures were $2,876,360 up only $13,449 from the previous year.  District General Fund revenues were $2,827,990.  Due the decrease in revenues of $257,045 the district experienced deficit spending of $61,819. Expenditures for the year ended June 30, 2013 exceeded the certified budget in support and non-instruction functions and should have been amended.   Mendenhall advised the board that the District has a pretty good solvency ratio, but going forward they will need to be watchful of expenditures.  President Lundahl thanked Ms. Mendenhall for addressing the board.

Brad Funk entered the meeting at 7:40 p.m.

President Lundahl requested amending the agenda by deleting Item 8: Set Superintendent Goals.

Items under the consent agenda also included the following:

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes
  • Resignation from Amy Horton – Junior High Basketball Coach effective immediately
  • Resignation from Julie Griffin – Associate effective October 25, 2013
  • Stacie Porterfield – Junior High Volleyball Coach effective immediately
  • Linda Lovett – Business Manager, Board Secretary-Treasurer effective June 30, 2014

Funk moved to approve the agenda change and all items under the consent agenda.  Smiarowski made the second.  All voted aye.  Lundahl offered thanks to all who have served the district.

Following a brief discussion Funk moved to approve the bills of accounting and financial report.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Smiarowski moved to approve the 2013 Audit Report.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Athletic Director Mike Snyder recommended the following winter sports coaching positions:

  • Varsity Boys Basketball – Aaron Parmer
  • JV Boys Basketball (if needed)-Joseph Parmer
  • Junior High Boys Basketball – Joseph Parmer
  • Varsity and Junior High Girls Basketball – Buck Parmer
  • Volunteer Coaching – Joseph Swinson

Peasley moved to approve the recommendations for the basketball coaching positions.  Funk made the second.  All voted aye.  The board will discuss volunteer coaching if the need arises.

Funk moved to approve the official canvas of votes from the recent school election.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

The board discussed setting a meeting date for the regular board meetings for the remainder of the year.  Funk moved to set the meetings for the second Monday of the month.  The second came from Peasley.  All voted aye

Superintendent Miller gave recommendations for two new hires.  Katie Dyer will serve as preschool associate and Nikki Greene will serve as a SINA associate.  Funk moved to approve both hires.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Mr. Miller reviewed the district’s plan for the use of local option sales tax funds.  He cited several facility need at the Garden Grove building.  All door handles need to be replaced with handicap handles at an estimated cost of $5,500.  The building need chair lifts to give access to the library.  The estimated cost of chair lifts is $10,000.  Chrome Books for the one-one initiative at the Jr.Sr. High will be approximately $34,000.  The district has not received proposals for additional projects at the Garden Grove building.  Those will be discussed as soon as estimates are received.  Miller asked the board to approve the items stated in the plan.  Smiarowski moved to approve the door handle replacements, the chair lifts and the Chrome Books.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Funk moved to approve the sharing agreement with Clarke CSD for the 2013-2014 school year.  We are sharing a Spanish teacher with Clarke.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

Smiarowski moved to approve the district’s SBRC Application for allowable growth.  The district is applying for $61,950 allowable growth for increasing enrollment and $12,002 for open enrollment out.  The total application for allowable growth is $73,952.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye

Smiarowski moved to approve the first reading of the 400 series of board policy, following the IASB recommendations.  The second was made by Peasley.

Smiarowski left the meeting at 9:05 p.m.

Mr. Snyder handed out his written reports and classroom newsletters.  His written report included the following elementary activities.

  • The Humeston Fire Department visited on October 9th.
  • Students participated in Homecoming activities.  This included a visit to the Humeston      Public Library for a short story and treats.
  • K-6 Students visited the Science Center on October 18th.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences were held October 23 &24      with 91% participation

He briefly reviewed the final win-loss records for fall sports.

Mr. Hunt submitted a written report as he was absent.  His report highlighted the following.

  • Homecoming was went very smoothly thanks to Mr. Krutsinger,      the cheerleaders and Student Council members
  • FFA Fruit sales began the first of the month
  • Central/Trail FFA participated in the Soil Judging Contest      in Maryville on Oct. 1.
  • Mrs. Baker took student to the fish shock and has been out      to the outdoor classroom several times this month.
  • Juniors and Seniors attended a job fair put on by the area      school.

Superintendent Miller congratulated the football and volleyball teams for the successes this year.  He also noted Homecoming Week was very successful with great student participation.

Funk moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.  Peasley made the second.  All voted aye.

The next regular meeting will be November 11, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary library.