October 9 Board Minutes



October 9, 2017

President Smiarowski called the regular meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors to order at 7:02 p.m. in the Humeston Elementary Library. Answering roll call were board members Evans, Cromer, Funk, Peasley and Smiarowski. Superintendent Kerry Phillips, Elementary and High School Principal Becky Stripe and Board Secretary Peggy Rash were also present. Linda Horton from the Humeston New Era was also in attendance. Guests were Jacqueline Church, Angela Church, Mary Enterline and Cody Enterline.

Funk made a motion to approve the agenda with the following change. Action item #6 will be moved to action item #1. Peasley made the second followed by all aye votes.


The consent agenda, which included the previous meeting’s minutes and two open enrollments in/out of the District were approved with a motion by Funk and a second by Cromer. All present voted aye. Motion carried.


Administrative reports were given by Superintendent Phillips and Principal Becky Stripe. Both agreed the school year was moving very quickly and was going well.


Cody Enterline asked the Board to go into closed session. With a motion by Evans and a second by Cromer to go into closed session the Board answered a roll call vote to approve. The following votes were heard: Evans yes; Cromer yes; Funk yes; Peasley yes; and Smiarowski yes. At 7:17 p.m. The Board went into closed session “To evaluate the professional competency of an individual with respect to consideration of appointment, hiring, performance or discharge where the closed session is necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to the individual’s reputation. Iowa Code section 21.5(1)(i).”


The Board returned to open session at 7:45 p.m.


Moving on to action items on the agenda, concerning action of personnel matters, Superintendent Phillips made a recommendation to the Board to terminate the contract of Cody Enterline effective November 7, 2017. Funk made the motion to accept the recommendation to terminate the contract of Cody Enterline, stating that unused vacation days would not be paid but that Enterline would be paid for 30 days ending on the termination date of November 7, 2017. Cromer seconded. All Board members answered with a vote of aye. Motion carries.


Cromer motioned to approve the financial reports, including cash balances and revenues received. Evans seconded followed by all ayes.


Following a brief discussion, Evans motioned to approve the October bills for payment. Funk seconded with all present voting aye.


Funk made a motion to approve the Teacher Leadership Compensation contracts for 2017-18 as recommended by Principal Becky Stripe. Evans seconded. All present voted aye to approve the motion.

Peasley motioned to approve Robert Thatcher as Girls High School Varsity Basketball coach for the 2017-18 season. Cromer seconded. Peasley, Cromer, Evans and Funk voted ayes. Smiarowski abstained. The motion passes.


There were no resignations to take action on.


Other topics up for discussion that will need to be looked into at a later date were Elementary-Jr High Technology repairs and how to better utilize the ICN room in Garden Grove. Mr. Phillips has put together a group of 6 students who will take student leadership roles in the District. The group will be known as the MT Super Saints. Mr. Phillips also shared a sample non-certified salary schedule with the Board. Finally, Superintendent Phillips would like to form a building and grounds committee consisting of staff and community members.


Peasley motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Cromer seconded with all voting in favor of adjournment. Smiarowski closed the meeting at 9:07 p.m.


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held November 13,

2017 @ 7:00 p.m. in the Elementary Library.




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These minutes are written as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   Peggy Rash, Board Secretary