September Board Minutes



September 21, 2015



President Lundahl called the Annual Meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. in the Humeston Elementary Library. Roll call was answered by Peasley, Funk, Smiarowski, Evans and Lundahl. Also present were Superintendent Paxson, Principals Hunt and Snyder, Secretary Rash, and guests Michiko Fogle, Loresa Smiarowski, Claudia Brown and Becky Stripe. President Lundahl welcomed Senior parent and Booster Club President, Michiko Fogle to speak about Senior Class activities and Homecoming week events sponsored by the Booster Club. The Senior parents would like to use the Humeston Gym for After Prom and have fundraisers at some Volleyball and Basketball games. They would also like to sponsor a fundraiser to help with Senior Trip expenses. Boosters Loresa Smiarowski and Fogle told the Board that the Booster Club would have an Old Timer’s flag football game prior to a bonfire Thursday night. They will also be holding an auction at the halftime of the Homecoming football game. Homecoming is Sept. 25th. Teachers, Claudia Brown and Becky Stripe told the Board about the Teacher Leadership Compensation Grant the school is applying for. The grant will involve both the Elementary and Secondary Schools. This is the third and final year a school may apply for the Federal money. The grant, based on student enrollment, will focus on teacher leadership, mentorship and student evaluation. The TLC grant will require Board approval at the Oct meeting in order to meet the Oct 16th deadline for submission. Funk moved to approve the consent agenda that included minutes from the previous meeting, open enrollment in/out that meet all requirements, the approval of the 2015-16 Insurance Policy and two resignations. Joseph Parmer resigned his JH football coaching position and Doug Griffin resigned as night custodian in Humeston. The second came from Peasley with all voting aye. President Lundahl would like to thank Parmer and Griffin for their prior work for the school. No action was needed for Booster Club and Senior parent activities. Smiarowski moved to approve the bills of accounting for September. Peasley made the second. All voted aye. A motion to approve the June 30, 2015 Depository Report was made by Smiarowski. Evans seconded the motion with all voting aye. Peasley moved to deny two late requests filed for Open Enrollment out of the District. The motion was seconded by Evans. All voted aye. Smiarowski made a motion to approve Bill Hoover as JH Football Coach for Fall 2015 with Peasley seconding and all members voting aye. The Transportation agreement with Durham was again put on hold pending clarification of mileage reimbursement for maintenance trips and bus cameras. Leaking roofs at both Humeston and Garden Grove were discussed. There are multiple leaks that need immediate attention. Evans and Paxson will contact the roofing companies involved and push for getting repairs done as soon as possible. The school will be granting permission for the DOT sidewalk project. Supt. Paxson was given permission by President Lundahl to sign in dealing with the Easement project. Discussion then moved to the recently re-surfaced track at Garden Grove. The Board had approved the project in July 2014. After prep work, crushed asphalt was applied this past spring but additional maintenance of the track needs to be looked into. Smiarowski made a motion that the Mormon Trail CSD Board cast a vote for Raymond Storm for AEA, Director District 1. Peasley seconded the motion. All voted aye. Funk made a motion to approve the following annual appointments: School District Attorney – Verle Norris, Humeston & Ahlers Law Firm, Des Moines Depositories – Great Western Bank, Humeston, $2,000,000 & ISJIT, Des Moines, $2,000,000. Official Publication – Humeston New Era Board Secretary/Treasurer – Peggy Rash, Peasley seconded the motion. All voted aye. Administrative reports were given by Mike Snyder, Elementary Principal and Athletic Director; Steve Hunt, Secondary Principal and District Superintendent, Lorna Paxson. President Lundahl administered the Oath of office to Secretary/Treasurer Rash. Funk moved to adjourn the meeting with Smiarowski seconding the motion. All present voted aye and President Lundahl closed the meeting at 9:50 pm.


Organization meeting minutes


Secretary Rash called the Organizational meeting of the Mormon Trail CSD to order at 9:55 pm. Funk Smiarowski, Peasley, Evans and Lundahl answered roll call. The Abstract of Votes, Wayne County, for School Board Director-Voted at Large was reported. The September 8th election resulted in the following votes in Wayne County. Pat Evans – 26 votes; Brad Funk – 25 votes; and Jason Peasley – 25 votes. There were 0 scattering votes with a total of 76 votes cast. Motion by Smiarowski second by Funk to accept. All present voted aye. Rash opened the floor to nominations for President. Brad Funk nominated Marc Smiarowski for Board President. The nomination was seconded by Jan Lundahl with all present voting in favor. Rash administered the Oath of office to Smiarowski who then called for nominations for Vice President. Lundahl nominated Pat Evans. Funk seconded the nomination. All voted in favor and Smiarowski administered the oath of office for Vice President to Pat Evans. It was agreed that the Board would continue to meet the 2nd Monday of each month @ 7:30 p.m. in the Humeston Elementary Library. The motion was made by Evans and seconded by Funk. Motion carried with all voting in favor. New business discussed was the need for IT support and to invite someone from IASB to come to a board meeting in the near future to talk about the role of the Board and that of Board members. At 10:15 pm Lundahl moved that the Board enter into closed session as provided in 21.5 (1) (i) of the open meetings law to discuss the purchase of real estate where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the school district would have to pay for that property. Funk seconded the motion with all voting in favor. The Board entered open session at 10:30 pm. Lundahl moved to not pursue the purchase of land at this time. Peasley seconded the motion. The vote was Peasley aye Lundahl aye Evans aye Funk aye Smiarowski aye. The next meeting of the Mormon Trail Board of Directors will be held October 12th @ 7:30 pm in the Elementary Library Lundahl made a motion to adjourn with Peasley seconding. President Smiarowski adjourned the meeting at 10:35 pm.






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