Motivational Speaker Visits MT High School

On September third, Kyle Scheele, a speaker from Missouri, traveled to Mormon Trail High school to visit with our students. He had previously been to Lamoni and Central Decatur Schools as well. Kyle was helping the members of R.O.C.C.S (Restoring our county, communities, and schools) accomplish their goal: getting students excited and engaged in school. Kyle spoke to our students about things we hear everyday that may not always be true. “We are constantly told that if we do the right thing and try our hardest that everything will be perfect and a success, but that is a lie,” said Scheele. Students learn to do their best, but to expect that struggles will come in life. He told students that while it was good to think of ten years down the road, sometimes we need to stop and think about tomorrow’s plan, and next week. Kyle made our students think about the moments in their life that will really matter in the end, like making a difference in our community or someone else’s life, and having positive memories with others. Mormon Trail staff and students were pleased to see a new face, and something to get them excited for the new school year.