Super Saint

IMG_7310Payton Gwinn is a sophomore here at Mormon Trail and is described by one of her friends as hyper/energetic. Payton loves watching movies, hanging out with her friends, and eating. Her favorite food is tacos. If she could be anything in the world she would choose to be a celebrity, because they get paid a lot of money. Payton’s favorite sport is track because she loves running. Her goals for the year are to go to state for the 100 and 400 meter dash. When she gets older she plans to attend Iowa Central or Iowa State and become a teacher or a closed captionist. Payton’s favorite memory from high school was going TPing with Gracie and Angela in 7th grade and she tried to climb in the tree. She got stuck and the peed her pants. Payton is excited for the years to come and hopes to make more memories with her friends as she goes along.