Super Student: Hanna Breuwet

IMG_6363Hanna May Breuwet is a Junior at Mormon Trail this year. Hanna is involved in volleyball, class office, and yearbook photography. Outside of school Hanna likes to draw, cook, and hang out with her friends. Her best friends are Breanna Glenn and Kaylee Parmer. Hanna thinks she has shown a lot of improvement this volleyball season, and is excited to see how it will continue next year. Her favorite volleyball memory from this year was the very last game she played because it was the most fun and energetic one. Hanna is passionate about art, and plans to get an art degree from Graceland University. “There are many different jobs I would do, as long as I am involved in art,” she says. Hanna is happy that she got to be on the homecoming court this year, and that she’s closer to the end of high school. Her goal is to be on the A honor roll. When asked about her favorite joke she said, “What happens when a frog breaks down? It gets toad away!” Other students may not know that Hanna often takes care of her mother. Hanna prefers white gravy over brown.